Project Results

PR1 - iNTANGIBLE Desk and Field Research

The very first project deliverable will be the result of field and desk research which will give data as emerged via research on existing ICH digitization methods and frameworks and questionnaires with local public actors, authorities, and citizens, and desk research, which will result in the identification of international best practices of ICH digitisation.
The aim is to identify the specific learning gaps and needs of cultural workers and ICH specialists with regards to their digital skills and competence development on ICH digitization and innovative practices, especially in response to the recent digital shift due to COVID-19.

PR2 - iNTANGIBLE Training Course Curriculum and Handbook for professionals

Since very intangible cultural heritage (ICH) object is comprised of
various components that include texts, audio, photographs, videos, and other primitive media forms, it comes as no surprise the need of special rules and requirements for its preservation. The iNTANGIBLE Training Course Curriculum and Handbook for professionals will take the form of an innovative and comprehensive guide, with sole purpose the understanding and implementation of ICH digitization. The results and materials developed in the previous project result, will serve as the founding basis for the development of the training materials/modules, which will be the actual body of the Course Curriculum.

PR3 - iNTANGIBLE E-Learning Platform and Digital Map

The e-Learning Platform and digital map will be a virtual space dedicated to the iNTANGIBLE project results, training course and at the same time will host the digital archiving map that will be developed. 

The role and purpose of the iNTANGIBLE e-learning platform is binary, first of all to present the produced training materials, making them available to all interested parties, and secondly, to host the interractive digital map, which will chart differrent countries tangible and intangible cultural property within local environments all over the world. 

The functionality of the digital community map is to provide the visiting users with the possibility to map out ICH through an innovative digital medium, consequently serving as an example ICH digitization, preservation, and accessibility.

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